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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ireland 32 South Africa 15 ,Experimental team my arse?

Ireland blew South Africa off the pitch with an amazing first-half display of classic running rugby. The experienced Irish side were able to counter pretty much anything and everything that the newbie Springbok team could throw at them plus they had the wind behind them and they made full use of it.

Against all expectations, Ireland beat South Africa here two years ago. This time they started as favourites, but South Africa started well and within seconds found the Irish found themselves under pressure and had to weather some early Springbok attacks. While the Irish prevented a try, they could not quite keep out the Boks. The opening score, a penalty in the fourth minute, stunned the 41,000 crowd.

The Irish backline took no prisoners and showed their experience at running at a opposing team from the south African side it would have been nice to get the basics right e.g. get the tackles right, lineout’s were shocking.

At the end to show the Irish backlines in confidence in throwing the ball around O’Driscoll threw a one handed pass to Hogan which allowed him to score .from our side Bryan Habana finally managed to score a stunning sixty metre try my question is with all the new blood in the Bok team why did we change Habana’s position and take him out of the game we definitely needed his speed.


At 6:00 am, Anonymous mawm said...

If that was an experimental failed in spades!
What is White thinking? You don't experiment with discarded locks, a front row that is only just better than the Aussies', and unbalanced back row with no fetcher, which has become an absolute essential in todays rugby, an unfit scrummie and backs all over the place.
Get Visagie back in the front row, there are several good young locks from the CC that could be given a try, Floors as a fetcher, Pienaar as our future in the scrum-half and play the backs in their positions. Forget the defensive pattern/rush defense - the rest of the world has worked out it's weaknesses but Jake hasn't.
WTF is this joke of a manager doing there? Alister Coetzee coaching the backs??? He's fucking useless.
As an expat South African I've always said that it would take a lot to stop me supporting the Boks - but I'm beginning to get there.

At 1:56 pm, Blogger An Seanchai said...

You guys got beaten by these guys??? --

At 3:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah those Irish boys are looking dangerous.

At 5:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen to mawm. you hit it right on the head. A bunch of f... idiots in charge of springbok rugby. Think I'm better of supporting Namibia or US. At least there is no idiots in charge.

At 1:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

l am trying to solve a little mystery involving a rugger player.


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