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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Vamos Vamos" The Bokkie

Times have changed Argentina is rated as a genuine world class team lately and the side is packed with quality players such as Juan Martin Hernandez who been labelled "the best player in the world" by Butch James.

We do have Bryan Habana though who hopefully will put in some nice tries even if he does not the argies will have two to three players marking him for the game allowing our boys to play some nice running rugby.

If South Africa plays to the form they showed against England, especially up front they will beat argentine and maybe win the World Cup but if we go into the game thinking it is only Argentina we will be in for a nasty surprise.

This world cup has been great for all the surprises in this tournament what with the first game Argentina, the kiwis and the Aussies out nobody saw that coming especially the bookies.

"You have to respect Argentina. They have done wonders with what they have been given. They are a unique team and do things differently," Jake White thoughts on Argentina he has made just one change, recalling CJ van der Linde, who missed last week's game against Fiji.

Just look at the stats Argentina have never beaten the Boks ,They have been the minows star of the tournamnent and should have a place in either the Tri Nations or the Six Nation's, If the argies were playing any other team I wish them good luck .I am sure is will be a great physical game.


At 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Begin Quote
It's only Argentina
End Quote

Begin Quote
It's only Vietnam
End Quote

Learn to respect your rival.
Sun Tzu.

At 6:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is now a pro sport, so the coaches need to have an edge. They watch videos of the teams they are about to play - so how much video of the 'minow' teams is there? Shocks were NZ and AUS going out as there coaching staff did not do their homework as well as Eng and Fr staff. Si we could now end up with a final with both teams from same pool

At 8:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Ok so you guys beat the Argentinians, so what. Now lets see some real rugby, yeah you beat us 36-0 which was an absolute insult to us, but now its time for revenge!!!!!!!! lets see how fuckin dirty you boars play next Saturday when your losing, je je je


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