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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beat the springboks or you are fired

Andy Robinson has been given two matches to save himself from the sack. With English rugby feeling the humiliation of Saturday's Twickenham defeat by Argentina, Robinson has been told that his future depends on the outcome of the upcoming Tests against South Africa.

The defeat by Argentina represented a new low Argentina had never beaten England before in fortes Twickenham and if they lose against south Africa that will represent a new record for losing matches saying that we need to rearrange our back line and actually use the players talents in the right positions.

Rob Andrew the new English boss has said "There will be a review of the players, coaches, performances and results” .I wonder if White is getting the same chat.

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At 1:37 am, Anonymous Paulo Sanchotene said...

Tha argentines want to play in th 6 Nations. How do you think is the possibility to them play in the Tri Nation?

Best wishes,
Paulo Sanchotene


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