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Monday, June 25, 2007

Aussies are pissed

South African rugby officials defended today the selection of a weakened squad to meet Australia and New Zealand in the next Tri-Nations games .

Australia and New Zealand have criticised South Africa's decision to omit 20 frontline players for the games in Sydney on July 7 and Christchurch a week later. A statement from the South African Rugby Union (Saru) said nine players had been injured in the opening matches against Australia and New Zealand. South Africa beat Australia 22-19 before losing 26-21 to World Cup favourites New Zealand.

"A large number of players were extremely exhausted as a result of a demanding five-week period of test match rugby and an equally demanding Super 14 competition," it said. "A total of nine players are now injured following the New Zealand and Australian matches and, given the status of these coupled with the fatigue of others, it would not have been advisable for management to allow these players to travel to Australasia."

We are not going to beat the all blacks in their home turf so we might as well keep our guys fit for the world cup.

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At 2:42 am, Anonymous Frosty - Hayward California USA said...

The Bocs made a promise to send the best players and now realize that it would not make sense. You can't just break deals like that because you lost a game and figure you can't win the next couple so why bother try. Mr White needed to consider this before he made deals which determidned what sponsors/media and fans would do with their money and the other teams were determining what to do with their training schedule. The ABs and Aus could have set up other test matches that would help their training regiment for the cup and just let the Bocs rest completely or play lesser teams to train new players.

It's the lie that causes the problem.

At 4:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You miss the point. It doesn't matter if you don't think you can roll the Kiwis over there. You faced full strength teams and reaped full strength takings from the crowds when the Aussies and Kiwis visit you, then don't offer the same opportunity for financial rewards when you come here. Had you announced that you would be sending second string teams the Australia and New Zealand BEFORE the two matches in South Africa, then no one could complain, being forewarned. It is a selfish, arrogant attitude from a country that is rarely successful on the world stage at any major sport. Rugby, cricket, soccer, tennis, golf, athletics, swimming, netball, basketball, you name it, the South Africans are ordinary at it. Your arrogance unfounded and pretty pathetic.

At 12:28 pm, Anonymous brett said...

are you that women in the picture ,you sound really pissed off are you okay this is just a rugby game.

At 1:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't just a game when finances are involved. My arguements are not made on the basis of 'I am disappointed, I can't see the best play a test'. My arguement is based upon finances that, like it or not, are a major factor when competing with other codes.

That the South Africans can reap full house returns, then pull out is the height of deceipt. Come to expect it from the country that spat out Hansie. That you are no good at sport is a matter of (sporting) record.

At 7:36 am, Blogger Mike said...

Hey Brett, I reckon anonymous is that old woman who has just heard that Alinghi and the Wallabies are both too good for the SHAGGERS !!!

At 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd respond if it made sense. Everyone in the tri nations is 1 - 1

Thats the reason that you guys always fail. Gee, it's going to be too hard. If you can't beat the Kiwis at home, why even bother going to the world cup? Let your poor little blokes have 8 months off.

Do you even have yachts?

Stay at home and feel superior beating, I don't know, Angola or Kenya? Then you can strut around your small, ridiculously under developed pool and feel smug.

At 10:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well lets think SA is a 3rd world country with more political and social problems than any of the other major countries and as such we are still competitive and have some of the best pool of gifted players on all fronts in the world. Aussie sportsmen are born and bred for sport, in SA its not as easy. Give us 20 years with the same structures and we would be just as competitive as the best. That said much of the SA public feels like Jake White has made a mistake through bad planning by leaving the top players at home and panic reactions like this is the reason we will not win the world cup. We do understand how teams and fans down under can feel hard done by.

At 2:10 pm, Anonymous loxie said...

Bitching and moaning about the Aussies being whiners. Extremely naive best describes SARU.

You can be assured SARU copped a mighty kicking from Rupert and co as the commercial realities were quietly explained to them and they were tutored in the finer arts of contract law.

No beg pardons!! the terms of contracts aren't to be just cast aside because Jake wanted to give your pussies a break from the rigours of professional rugby for which they are well remunerated.

You can bet a deal was done quietly behind the scenes. Culminating in Jake's recent unreserved apology for any inconvenience caused, when the SARU finally realised it was up to its arse in sharks.

This will have cost a pretty penny or Rand as the case might be.

Ya takes the money, you will do as ya told...a very expensive lesson. Learned quietly, but then Rupert that "Aussie bastard" is renowned for his kind and gentle nature so I amy be wrong....Hee! Hee! Hee! poor dumb pussies.


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