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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our response to the Haka

The Sprinboks freaking out from the defeat at the hands of New Zealand, look set to unleash their own version of the All Blacks' famous haka based on an old Zulu war dance.

Springbok coach Jake White said he had asked the rugby authorities about reviving a dance that was last used more than 80 years ago in order to psyche up his players.

“The history books show that the 1926 Springboks performed a Zulu war dance in major matches on their tour,” , “New Zealand have come up with a new haka recently and, quite honestly, I would like to use ours as a challenge to them.”

White revealed that his team have already performed the ritual in the changing room but believes it could have a greater impact on the pitch.

I have done my own informal survey and initial reactions is that it is a bit naff and we are copy cats ,not to sure what I feel about it.

Will they have shields and a assegai maybe parts of old british miltary uniform from the kicking they got at isandalwana.

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At 11:08 pm, Blogger tarbh said...

It is a crazy idea, just face the opposition while they do their thing and use the intensity to motivate yourself.


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